22 June 2014, Hyderabad: Remedium, Dhanush's group company, wins the Best Healthcare IT & Healthcare Delivery Company Award

Remedium Health Technologies, Dhanush's group company, has been adjudged both the Best Healthcare IT & Healthcare Delivery Company and Best Innovative Healthcare Delivery Company by Indus Foundation initiated Healthcare Excellence Awards, the country's most authoritative awards for the healthcare industry.

Remedium gave a presentation on telemedicine where it emphasized the timely and strategic use of health information technology and system delivery innovation to support and address the preventive and treatment needs of patients and communities.

Remedium Telemedicine is economical, feature-rich, user-friendly and rugged system which uses the in-house developed multiple user video, seamlessly integrated with almost all primary care medical devices with options to add any PC based medical device and storing & sharing of medical data and patient history on an EMR which follows all global standards.

This system is ideally suited to provide healthcare in areas where there is scarcity of doctors, aid in getting expert opinion and provide a platform for population health management. No wonder, telemedicine provides healthcare where there is none and improves healthcare where there is some. Our solutions are in use across African continent, including Kenya, South Africa and others benefitting millions.

It is this flagship product from Remedium which brought Dhanush Group laurels in the recently concluded Indo Global Healthcare Summit, where we were recognized for the technological innovation.

Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper

Ms. Chandrima D, our Director, receiving the award from Dr. T Rajaiah, Dy. CM & Health Minister of Telangana.

Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper

From left, Mr. Piyush Sahu (Business Analyst), Ms. Chandrima (Director) and Mr. DN Srinivas (Head – HR)

Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper

The Certificate for excellence in IT & Healthcare Delivery.

Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper

Remedium Telemedicine : A brief

Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper

Remedium Telemedicine Abstract


04 Jun 2014, Kenya: Tripartite MOU signoff between DATAM EDU Kenya, Housing Finance Foundation and Careers Australia to generate skilled workforce

DATAM EDU, a group company of Dhanush Infotech providing educational services, has reinforced its commitment to contributing towards generating an industry-ready workforce in Kenya by signing a tripartite MoU with Housing Finance Foundation (foundation wing of Housing Finance, the leading mortgage company) and Careers Australia (the largest private training provider in Australia).

Tripartite MOU signoff between DATAM EDU Kenya, Housing Finance Foundation and Careers Australia to generate skilled workforce

Mr. DSN Murthy (Managing Director, DATAM EDU), Ms. Winnie Imanyara (Executive Director, Housing Finance Foundation) and Mr. Richard Noren (General Manager – Professional Services, Careers Australia) signed the MoU at DATAM EDU's office in Nairobi, Kenya on 22 May 2014. This marked a kickoff to a long-term relationship between the three organisations for building technical skills in the Kenyan workforce and working towards Housing Finance Foundation's larger aim of creating an army of one million artisans by 2016.

Under the memorandum, DATAM EDU in collaboration with Housing Finance Foundation will directly work with relevant ministries, department and agencies charged with the task of implementing Vision 2030 flagship projects.

16 Apr 2014, Kenya: Dhanush Infotech partners with GN Corp to help harmonize naming in hospitals

Dhanush Infotech's Dactari Health and Medius Holdings under GN Corp have tied up to develop a coding system that will help track the medical equipment and consumables along the supply chain.

CIO EAST AFRICA, the leading magazine for ICT industry in East Africa, covers the development alongside some details.

Discovering Dhanush Infotech

The coding system will synergize the efforts by Dhanush to give a total solution in terms of equipment and consumable monitoring within the medical supply chain - Dr. Emily Obwaka 

Dhanush Infotech and Medius Holdings under GN Corp have signed a partnership that will help harmonize the naming of medical equipment and consumables in a unified categorization.

The coding system under the abbreviation CHAMP will help medical institutions to track the equipment and consumables from the manufacturer, to the importer and even track its way to the local hospital where it is going to be used.

Dr Sam Abraham of Yamanashi University hospitals says the coding can assist track lots of equipment that had defects and those that need repair to the very area that they were distributed or sold to and will be key in the fight against counterfeits.

Dhanush which owns the Dactari Health says the partnership seeks to synergize the technology, information and expertise available with Medius and Dactari's local network of medical facilities and Private Sector who have expressed interest in this CHAMP coding system.

According to Dr. Emily Obwaka of Dactari Health the system is a one stop solution in the medical equipment supply chain that will help eliminate defective machines

"The coding system will synergize the efforts by Dhanush to give a total solution in terms of equipment and consumable monitoring within the medical supply chain that is coupled into the Hospital management System that we have developed. Thus we are able to know what works and what is defective," she says.

Chief operations officer of Medius Holdings Haruo Nonaka adds that the good ecosystem in Kenya and the good reception from the government and private sector will increase the use and capability of this system.

Please click here to view the news-post.

24 Mar 2014, Kenya: Dhanush to assist Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) to set up IT initiatives

Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) has signed an agreement with Dhanush Infotech. As part of this agreement, Dhanush would help CUEA to set up IT initiatives that would benefit both students and faculty.

Further, Dhanush is entrusted with establishing cloud and network connectivity in campus, providing Integrated Management System, rolling out LMS & video-conference based teaching and providing internship opportunities for students with industry-sponsored projects. Broadly, the goals are to ensure tech-savvy staff & industry-ready students.

We are glad to note that this educative effort by Dhanush has attracted media attention.

Discovering Dhanush Infotech

The Standard, 24th March 2014 edition.
[One of largest newspapers in Kenya]

Discovering Dhanush Infotech

Daily Nation, 24th March 2014 edition.
[Kenya's leading newspaper and a product of Nation Media Group], a tech-review blog based in Kenya, has also covered this event. Please read it here.

19 Mar 2014, Kenya : Shishir Saraf, CEO, Dhanush Infotech East Africa, interviewed by CIO East Africa.

Reproduced below in its entirety is the interview of Shishir Saraf, CEO, Dhanush Infotech East Africa, by CIO East Africa, leading magazine for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in East Africa.

After having a chat with the Dhanush Infotech East Africa CEO Shishir Saraf, four words stick out from the conversation as I dig deeper into what plans the company has the region: Cost, Innovation, Efficiency and Services.

To understand Dhanush Infotech's strategy, one needs to take a closer look at the company's past as well as its recent product releases into the market.

Previously, Dhanush Infotech was mainly known for the IFMIS project by the government that was meant to bring efficiency in financial management at ministry level with the company charged with training more than 3,000 government employees across the country. From here, Dhanush has grown to become a credible company especially in training as well as in technology implementation and support.

Before laying out the business plan, the firm took its time to study the market and recognised gaps in the local market that would require capacity building. With this information, the company was able to roll out its partners solutions in a way that would also allow the solutions provider to customise the products. One plan of achieving trust was to help clients to recognise their requirements so as to make informed decisions in the areas of establishing the right solutions and the best partner to deliver the solution.

Dhanush also decentralised into the region with business units functioning independently so as to allow them achieve organisational objectives with maximum localisation. Unit executives were given leeway in making decisions regarding capacity needs and solution offering.

"We are in the business of selling solutions by gaining customer confidence. We prefer to spend money in gaining the same through complimentary services like market research, preparation of business cases as well as advising clients about the pros and cons," said Saraf.

Dhanush's partners include Oracle and Microsoft for enterprise solutions. It also provides business intelligence tools, business analytics and reporting tools while mobile phone-based solutions are under development. Among the latest products that have hit the market from Dhanush Infotech is Dactari Health, a telemedicine solution that provides remote monitoring, combines flow of information through video, clinical data and work flow information. Dactari Health, developed as a response to the scarcity of specialized doctors and data in healthcare centres, works alongside other solutions including hospital management, electronic health record management and ambulance management.

Discovering Dhanush Infotech
CIO East Africa, March 2014

08 Mar 2014, India: Dhanush's 3rd Annual Leadership Summit opens up new vistas

Business leaders of Dhanush Group from across the globe met at the 3rd Annual Leadership Summit at its headquarters in Hyderabad held from 03rd to 07th March 2014. The leaders came from diverse places such as South Africa, Australia, India and Kenya among others. The summit focussed on reviewing the business operations so far to chart the roadmap for future.

The meet saw brainstorming sessions with leaders sharing their insights and experiences while suggesting measures for innovation and improvement. The event was concluded by a weekend session with wider participation from managers too, so as to discuss the organizational goals and values in greater detail.

Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper
25 Feb 2014, Kenya: Dactari Health features in The Asian Weekly

The Asian Weekly, Kenya's first weekly Asian newspaper, finds Dhanush Infotech's contribution in improving Kenya's health care system through Dactari Health noteworthy. This post features in its latest edition 183, 21st – 27th February 2014. Seen in the image are DSN Murthy (CEO, Dhanush Infotech) and Dennis Itumbi (Director, Digital Strategy Innovation and Diaspora Relations).

By Sakina Taki

Dhanush Infotech opened its new offices and training centres' at Rahimtullah Towers on February 14. Being one of the global leaders in terms of IT service, Dhanush Infotech aims to provide medical services to people in remote areas by using Tele-health. Dactari Health is a software focussed on health and it has been specialized for the African market explained Dr. Emily Obwaka, a public health specialist currently working with Dactari Health.

After setting up in countries like India and Australia, Kenya was targeted for establishment as it is seen as "head of directing Africa in the right direction," said the MD and CEO of Dhanush Infotech DSN Murthy. Although costs of the infrastructure can be estimated to about 200 million, friends of the state house digital team will provide servers that will ensure free wi-fi. "No tax-payers money is spent in establishing the wi-fi," ensured Dennis Itumbi, the Director of Digital Strategy Innovation and Diaspora Relations.

Since the country lacks a comprehensive medical database for individuals as suggested by Itumbi, Dactari Health steps in to store electronic medical records for patients at any particular time assisting with an accurate diagnosis anywhere in the country. Such innovative ideas are welcome by the State House as the President will be hosting the Africa Innovative Summit soon, with the launch scheduled in the next three weeks.

21 Feb 2014, Kenya: Dhanush Infotech Launches Vocational Training Centre in Kenya

IT Systems integrator Dhanush Infotech has launched its vocational training center to help develop skills as the firm. Dhanush InfoTech which has trained about 200 staff so far says there is a need to train more people in the region to automate services and processes in the market place.

The vocational center will provide training in various courses in various segments including ICT, health, infrastructure, mining among others.

"The Kenyan market has a fairly skilled workforce who with a little grooming can be a wonderful skill set. With more individuals having the right skills we can move from providing Africa with the best services to targeting the global market. Creating skills creates sustainability in the market" said Deundukuri Suryanarayana Murthy of Dhanush InfoTech.

The company that was involved in the implementation of the IFMIS project in partnership with Treasury also adds that it has launched its e-health product Dactari Health that allows diagnosis and prescriptions through mobile phones.

The Telemedicine product will help many Kenyans especially in the rural setting have access to a doctor online from where bringing medical services closer to the people.

According to director of digital media and Diaspora communications at State house Dennis Itumbi the innovation will help fill the gap before the government puts up physical structures to in various areas.

"The country lacks a comprehensive medical database and such a product will help bring together medical data allowing patients to access better services as medical records will now be on the cloud," he said.

He adds that ongoing infrastructure expansion in the country in collaboration with various counties will help scale up the uptake of various innovations in the ICT space in Kenya

12 Feb 2014, Kenya: Dhanush's Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper

Dactari Health, a group company of Dhanush InfoTech, features in an exclusive story of The Standard, the largest Kenyan newspaper, in its edition of 12th February 2014.

The post describes Kenyan government's plans to digitise health care to make it more accessible to people from rural and remote regions and how Dactari Healths' Afya Telemedicine would be instrumental in its nation-wide implementation.

Dr Emily Obwaka, Chief Strategy Officer at Dactari Health and also a Public Health specialist, is quoted at length. She explains the benefits it would bestow on people, the business model and future plans. Please read the full post here.

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Task Systems, Dhanush Infotech Collaborate to Boost IT Business

Task Systems Limited, a solution provider across West Africa and Dhanush InfoTech, a global Information Technology (IT) services and products company are working jointly to further drive customer businesses in Nigeria and other West African countries.

Dhanush InfoTech has more than 800 IT consultants specialized in a multitude of technology and business domains and Task Systems has over 1,000 engineers deployed on site for customers. Both companies are coming together at a time when corporate organizations demand a solutions company that will enable them to concentrate on their core competencies and expect a one-stop-shop that provides answers that directly increase productivity and profit.

Speaking at the formal launch of the partnership in Lagos recently, Managing Director, Task Systems, Mr. Stanley Okpalaeke, said : "The global economic downturn continues to put companies under pressure and only smart, flexible and innovative solutions can ensure defiant growth."

Describing the partnership as a bond of like minds, Okpalaeke said Dhanush InfoTech and Task Systems were both customer focused organizations, adding that the customer is the reason for the partnership. "The partnership will deliver value, speed and efficiency through the IT departments of its customers. Both companies have built strong domain skills in Telecoms, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Oil and Gas, Government, Transportation, and retail, he said.

He added: "They have a pedigree of successful high level relationships with leading global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), with multiple recognitions and awards from most of them." Between both companies, Okpalaeke said were premium accreditations from Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, HP, Dell, IBM, NettApp, Cisco, and APC by Schneider.

Okpalaeke noted that the excellent attributes attest to the professionalism embedded in the partnership while guaranteeing positive business outcomes for all customers from the SME to large sized companies.

Chief Executive Officer & MD of Dhanush InfoTech, Mr. DSN Murthy stated that "his company is run by professionals with expertise in Research, Design, Development and Delivery of high-end technology solutions, and has achieved the rank of global thought leaders in IT Services, with presence in India, USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Africa.

Murthy said the choice of Task Systems as partner in West Africa is based on the need to find a local player with the competencies to deliver the Dhanush InfoTech quality services seamlessly to a variety of clients across Africa.

Task Systems is member of the Zinox Group whose beliefs tie into the Dhanush InfoTech model, of building manpower capacities by transferring skills to the local workforce so that they can man their own projects.

Dhanush Africa in Business Daily
ERP Solutions Kenya Advertisement
Airtel Africa goes Live on the Hyperion Financial Management solution implemented by Dhanush InfoTech Ltd

Dhanush team takes immense pride in announcing the successful deployment of Hyperion Financial Management solution for Airtel Africa. Dhanush team tailored the application to suit Airtel Africa's complex business needs with different holding percentages, minority interest component, intercompany eliminations, and consolidation process. The solution was implemented in a mere span of eight months across 17 Airtel OpCo's (Operating Countries) comprising of both Anglophone and Francophone entities, across Africa.

With all the OpCo's gone live on the solution, Dhanush is successful in extenuating business pain areas of Airtel Africa which were:

  • Streamlining Financial Reporting at an organizational level, as the inbound data was sourced from 17 OpCo's comprising of 123 different entities with 24 different currencies
  • IFRS compliance to all financial reports with challenges in application connectivity and correctness of chart of accounts from each of the 17 OpCos
  • Change in entity and account hierarchy due to different holding patterns, new acquisitions, addition and re-classification of accounts leading to ever changing account mapping between ERP's to Hyperion Chart of Accounts

Dhanush also extended its training services to Airtel Africa end user community i.e. both Anglophone and Francophone users, in order to ensure that the enterprise becomes self-sustained and is future ready.

Dhanush InfoTech CEO & MD, Mr. DSN Murthy Interview with KTN News Channel

To have an official sign-off on the Tri-Sister City Partnership, the Mayoral delegation from Brisbane and Ipswich, visited Hyderabad from 4th to 6th October, 2010. Mayor of Ipswich, Cr. Paul Pisasale and Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Cr. Campbell Newman arrived on the above dates with their team of delegates and trade representatives.

The Tri-Sister City agreement was signed on the evening of 5th October, at Hotel Taj Krishna, in the presence of GHMC Mayor, Mrs. Banda Karthika Chandra Reddy, and the Australian Mayors.

Dhanush has been instrumental in the process of establishing Tri-Sister City relationship between Hyderabad, Brisbane and Ipswich to strengthen trade opportunities between India and Australia to get the benefits out of the mutual business strengths on both the sides. Our continued perseverance and zeal to bring the cause to realize has leveraged the Tri-City relationship to the sign-off stage. With critical contribution towards this, City Councils of Brisbane and Ipswich have chosen Dhanush representatives as an ambassador to promote trade between the three cities.

IFMIS chooses Dhanush InfoTech as their strategic partner

IFMIS chooses Dhanush InfoTech as their strategic partner to establish IFMIS Academy

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS), a Government of Kenya establishment has chosen Dhanush InfoTech as their imperative partner to set up IFMIS academy.
The primary objective of this project is set up a state of art academy which will augment the Business, Domain, Technology & Soft skills of the Ministry of Finance executives. IFMIS Academy will be the governing body in coordinating, implementing & overseeing the overall automation of IFMIS with primary emphasis on:

  • Ensuring effective integration of all the Financial Management processes.
  • Facilitating smooth flow of financial information across all the human and technology touch points.
  • Enabling timely availability of high quality of financial information for overall economic growth.

Dhanush InfoTech, will carry out the services related to establishing the IFMIS academy. Apart from providing the required infrastructure (IT & otherwise), Dhanush will also be accountable for the educational & training needs of the Ministry of Finance executives. The training courseware will be designed by keeping the overall IFMIS objectives in sight. Based on the executive competency, the designated courseware will not only groom the executive technically/functionally but will also cater to his overall personality development. Dhanush will ensure, in the years to come, that IFMIS Academy becomes self-sustained and is future ready

WECA Microsoft Dynamics Award


Dhanush InfoTech, the global thought leader in IT Services, has been awarded Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner for the year 2011 for West East Central Africa (WECA) region.

This award recognizes Dhanush Infotech as a partner succeeding in effective engagement with Microsoft organization while showcasing innovation, business impact, driving customer satisfaction, and winning new customers.

The Microsoft Partner Awards were presented in multiple categories, with winners chosen from a set of more than 3,000 entrants worldwide. The Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions over the past year.

With in-depth expertise in the development of Microsoft solutions and its team of seasoned experts in implementing the technologies, Dhanush has been offering innovative and effective solutions that impact the business growth of the clients. The Company's onsite offshore model is cost effective and its proven methodology increases the probability of meeting deadlines and goals and empowers our business and technology professionals to help clients identify new opportunities, drive process improvements, and meet their strategic goals and objectives, on time and within budget.

Dhanush already has strategic partnership with Microsoft. As part of its Gold Certification, Dhanush provides efficient solutions that help the clients to improve and transform their business.

Dhanush is now honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

The management congratulates entire Dhanush team on achieving this wonderful milestone. Our innovation and perseverance made all the difference in making this possible.

Dhanush started full-time operations in Kenya

“Dhanush proudly announces that it has successfully commenced its full-fledged operations in Nairobi, Kenya. Going forward, Dhanush intends to build a pool of local employees with a majority of it consisting of local talent.”

March 2008: Dhanush enters East Africa

"Dhanush proudly announces that it has successfully set foot in the Eastern African region in partnership with Oracle Corp. Dhanush would implement Oracle EBS at a Retail firm in partnership with Compulynx, Kenya.”