Retail Solutions

"Retail sector in emerging marketplace is facing new challenges. Dhanush has wide assortment and variety vertical focus solutions, which enable Retail chains achieve their business goals and succeed amidst the fiercest competition."

  • The Retail sector is undergoing continuous changes at a dynamic pace in order to satisfy the ever changing trends and needs of the market. Customers expect a seamless shopping experience which should be quick, easy, and consistent across the retail stores.

    Both large and small retailers are in look out for transformative technology and nourishing business models to build omni-channel environments which seamlessly serve the consumer (in-store, online and on-the-go).

    Few challenges faced by African Retail Industry

    Inconsistency of operations across various channels
    Inefficient Supply Chain Management
    Staging of Inventory
    Consolidation of financial data from various sources
    Customer satisfaction
    Lack of properly educated and/or trained work force
    Multi-channel and multi-device order taking

    Dhanush with its proven expertise provides Retail Solutions that meet the above challenges within budget and timeframes.

  • Dhanush delivers the following:

    Retail Solutions:

    Enterprise Resource Applications - Integrates all the data and the related processes of the retailers into a unified information system
    Retail POS (Point of Sale) - Technology which enables an efficient recording of the sale of goods or services to the customer
    Merchandise Analytics - Maximizes the profit potential for a retail supply chain by analyzing inventory risks and opportunities, and implementing inventory allocation strategies
    Order Management (Multi-Channel and Multi-Device) - Helps in administration of business processes related to orders for goods
    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) - RFID solutions are made to ease both store and tracking operations
    Data Management and Data Analytics - Data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed for better decision making
    Business Forecasting and Performance Management - Helps in strategic planning of financials and workforce effectively
    Mobility Solutions - Manages the retail activities (buy/sell) through mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services to enable broad use of mobile computing

    Retail Services:

    Consulting - We offer end-to-end IT consulting comprising of both advisory and implementation services
    Change Management - We analyze, develop & deploy services that improve communication & discourage misinformation to deliver high-quality training
    Program Management - We strategize an effective project plan comprising of an efficient management team by maintaining a single point of accountability throughout the project
    Maintenance and Support - We maintain and support the project upon the completion, through our support plans which can be altered as per your requirements
  • Dhanush offers cutting edge solutions with below benefits:

    Optimize Inventory Management & Merchandising

    Gain insight into product, department and store performance
    Minimize staging of inventory
    Improve product pricing management

    Improve customer service

    Shorten lines and decrease check-out times
    Improvises complex transactions including couponing and special offers
    Respond immediately to trends in customer purchasing behavior
    Check product accessibility and availability in stores

    Support Omni-Channel Operations

    Processes orders and returns
    Gather and analyze real-time, multi-channel data to respond quickly
    Single solution that standardizes processes across multiple sites

    Reduction in operating costs thus mitigating demand and supply chain risks

    Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface

    Reduce complexity and improve operational efficiency

  • Dhanush is the largest IT company in Africa with a large pool of senior local consultants across Retail business process, with agile capacity building capability for large scale engagements
    Thorough understanding of the African Business Ecosystem, having executed Retail projects across the continent
    Regionally aligned Global Delivery Model - Around 90% of the project team is derived from local resources with appropriate skillset, ensuring mobilization and utilization of local talent in promoting employment across Africa
    Proven capability of maximizing the revenue, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency for retail chain
    Proven track record with successful end-to-end implementation of Retail solutions within the budget and timeframe
    Use of advance analytical tools that fuel customer centric merchandising
    Provides multi-channel inventory visibility to help avoid stock outs and balanced distribution
    Ensured standards through policy frameworks and workflow capabilities